Hottest day recorded, and broken 3 times this week! will it last?

So Saturday saw the hottest temperature I have recorded at 27.6c, Tuesday then broke that record at 28.7c, and today we have reached 29.8c, with a good chance we will top 30!  The question everyone is asking is will it last?  The answer is yes, it certainly could, potentially until the end of July believe it or not.  This has been the longest real summer weather we have experienced since 2006, and many have welcomed it with open arms, myself included.  The reason as I have explained previously is the Jetstream (Jetstream is explained elsewhere on the site) is currently situated well to the north of the UK, pushing away all low pressure and allowing high pressure to pretty much dominate the entire country.  Northern Ireland has recorded the hottest temperatures of this current spell, reaching 29.9c, which is only just under a degree hotter than the hottest ever record.  The chances are that will be well beaten this weekend though.  Some coastal areas, South Tyneside included will find temperatures dropping over the weekend with some cloud rolling in off the North Sea, that is not to say it will be cold by any means, it will still be in the 20s and will feel very warm in the sunshine.

The rest of the month appears for now to remain largely warm and dry, there is the chance of a few showers, which you would expect this time of year, but by no means a washout.  All in all enjoy the weather, make sure you wear suncream mind even in cloudier conditions, I can testify how easy it is to get caught out by the Rudolf look I am currently sporting after strolling yesterday morning in cloudier conditions!

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