Summer arrives in style!

So after forecasts of a heatwave for over a week, the good weather began on Friday as high pressure built over the UK, and yesterday we hit this years high, in fact, the highest I have recorded since having my weather station (records began December 11 2011).  The top temperature was 27.6c and was reached at 14.30, and it was by anybody’s reckoning a glorious summers day, we had wall to wall sunshine and not a cloud in the sky.  Many are in agreement that this will be our best weather since July 2007, and although there are signs that the weather may break down by the 15th this is not a certainty, and also even if it does it will not be a washout like we have had in recent years, and the weather should stay around average for the time of year.  All will become clearer as we get closer to the time, all forecasts and models are more reliable a few days before hand.  Check back for more info on what to expect over the next few weeks

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