Cold spell to end

Well after gripping most of the country for the past 2 weeks it seems this spell of colder weather will go out with a bang today.  The Met Office has several warnings for snow issued for today as a weather front sweeps in from the west, bringing with it a forecasted 8 inches of snow to some places.  Northern England is expected to be hit hard, with inland areas forecast to bear the brunt.  The reason for the high snowfall is a wetter/milder weather front coming in from the Atlantic hitting the cold air that has dominated the country lately, and as they meet this is causing large amounts of snowfall.  The Atlantic is set to dominate from here on in, and as it pushes the cold air away the next worry we have is flooding, as this system is bringing with it a lot of rain, and as temperatures lift the massive amounts of lying snow will quickly melt.  Much milder/wetter and windier weather is forecast for next week, and for now signs show the cold potentially not returning until mid way through February, where early indications are we could be in for another big snow event.

All weather warnings can be views at the Met Office

Snow is not expected to reach South Tyneside until after dark, and lower lying coastal areas have a chance to see more sleety rain, although obviously it will be impossible to know what falls from the sky until it starts happening.  The joy of snowcasting!!

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