Wet and mild gives way to cold and snow?

Well we began the new year the same as we left the old one, damp, mild and quite frankly a bit depressing!  All that is set to change over the coming days as we are set for quite a cold spell.  The hold the Atlantic has had over us for quite some time has finally given way to colder air from the east, which will result in freezing temperatures, and snow is possible for most regions.  I think as this winter has been mild for the majority we will really feel the difference as the temperatures begin to drop.  Already the past 2 days have shown lower temperature readings on my weather station, after balmy temperatures 10-12c that we have regularly saw over the past weeks we are now seeing 5c, and that is set to drop to minus figures before long.  Saturday is looking to be the first chance of snow, with more possible on Sunday, and then a higher chance again on Monday.  Remember though, snow is really hard to predict, as the model runs nearer the time give us their output I will be able to predict a bit better where it will fall and how much.  Because the cold air is coming from the east/north-east it will interact with the relative warmth of the North Sea (I say relative warmth, you wouldn’t want to go for a dip!!) which can cause significant snow showers along the east coast, so i think a lot of radar watching will be taking place to see where exactly the moisture is and whether or not it will blow as far inland as to hit us.  You may have heard or read recently about the “ssw event”, ssw stands for Sudden Stratospheric Warming, and is a factor in the cold weather, a good explanation on this can be found here:


Also, for anybody who would like to know what exactly “the models” are that forecasts are based on, a really good explanation can be found in the info bible that is Wikipedia:


For now I am personally getting the sledges and windscreen scrapers out, and looking forward to hopefully out first real snow in quite a while.  I will leave the weather station on as much as I can over the next few days so the temperatures etc are available for anybody who would like to view them, but I am still having problems with the laptop over heating so I won’t be able to leave it on 24/7


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