First Snow of Winter

Well the first snow of this winter has fallen, and boy did it seem to take people by suprise, despite being talked about for days previously.  My personal experience of the roads wasn’t too bad, there did seem to be a lack of grit about as the roads were sheets of ice, but some people’s journey home from work yesterday were of epic proportions – some journeys took over 5 hours by all accounts.  I think questions have to be asked why as a country we seem quite unable to cope with any kind of extremeties in the weather; not that yesterday was extreme, it is winter after all, therefore generally it will be cold with the possibility of snow.  The massive rainfall we have had this year has been extreme, and I think people are starting to realise we need to be better prepared for these kinds of weather patterns.

With the cold weather looking set to last, and with more snow forecast this winter is looking set to be colder than average, which after last years quite mild one may seem out of the ordinary, but it isn’t!


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