Summer – come out, come out wherever you are…..

Well yesterday was the first day of July, and the run of miserable autumnal weather continues.  Below average temperatures, higher than average rainfall and unseasonable winds are making summer so far feel more like October.  This entire year has been topsy-turvy weatherwise.  In fact you could say that about the past few years, the seasons aren’t particularly defined anymore.  Month on month records have been broken, most rainfall, highest temperatures…..As a nation we appear to have more of an interest in the weather than ever, and I think this must have a lot to do in which way the weather is portrayed in the media.  Week after week there seems to be some story about the weather.   “Arctic weather heads for Britain” erm yes its winter, it typically does get cold….”Snowmageddon” was a particular headline I liked after we had a few flurries.  Whether it be stories on the heat, the cold, the rain, wind etc etc, it always generates an interest when the media put their own brand of spin on it, and in turn this seems to whip us up into a frenzy.  So many so-called “experts” give their take on what the weather is going to do, and when it doesn’t turn out how they have said most people seem to say “hmm, the Met Office got it wrong” when in fact they were right, or had nothing to do with the forecast!

Anyway, back to the original point of our missing summer, I’m afraid there is no immediate signs of any let up in this miserable spell we are currently experiencing.  Several of the models are in agreement that for the next week at least the weather will be pretty samey, wet and a bit pants!  The weather will always do what it wants, especially here in Britain.  People think it always rains here and we have miserable weather, they aren’t far wrong at the moment!  The blame for this bad spell lies firmly at the feet of the jet stream, where it is currently positioned is doing NOTHING for sunshine, it is currently positioned well to the south of the Uk, meaning an area of low pressure will become almost stationary over us, bringing heavy rain and thunder to our shores.  Perhaps if we all blow hard enough we can push the jet stream into a better position??  Maybe not, but in the meantime we can all hope that it does shift position so that summer can begin.

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