Tornado in Oxfordshire

Monday the 8th May saw a large storm pass through Wiltshire and Oxfordshire, with a tornado reported in Witney, Eynsham.  The winds tore tiles from houses and damaged trees and fences, while hail fell the size of peas.  There were some suggestions that this storm was a “supercell” storm, very rare to this country, but a Met Office spokesperson said they did not think the storm was big enough to be classed as a supercell.  Helen Chivers said: “Looking at our satellite and radar images, we believe it  was simply a very large thunderstorm with a number of funnel clouds extending from the base.

“Supercells cover hundreds of miles and last for hours. But this does seem to have definitely been a tornado.”

Tornadoes are columns of spinning air that form from thunderstorm clouds and touch the ground, we rarely get them powerful enough to cause damage in the UK, but they are more common here in the UK than you would think, find more information on tornadoes here:

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