Indian summer?

Well after a rather nice summer this year my thoughts are now turning to winter, and that old chestnut of “is it going to snow”.  Of course I can’t answer that with any kind of certainty but I do think we are in for a rather cold winter again this year.

Firstly though, we have autumn to get through, and after a cold start to September, which has already seen the first low pressure system of the season I can happily say high pressure is the order of the day from today onwards, which will bring improving temperatures and less wind.  The problem this time of year with high pressure is that it can bring with it a lot of mist, and this can be quite hard to burn off in autumn so temperatures won’t reach as high as they would have say a month ago.  Still not to be sniffed at, a nice few days of sunshine mid September is always welcome, and this looks likely to last well into next week.  Night still chilly though, and temperatures may take a while to lift during the day, but it will be nice and bright and pleasantly warm in the sunshine.

Thinking ahead to winter, NASA have recently confirmed that our current solar cycle (26) is possibly going to be the weakest since 1906.  This results in colder summers and winters, which is a result of the jet stream being positioned further south than usual, which we have seen a lot of over the past couple of years.  This is thought to be caused, at least somewhat by the sun, although not a great deal is actually known about this.  Anyway, this could lead towards some colder winters, and also summers over the next few years.  I do happen to believe this year will be a cold winter, although nothing can be said with certainty at this point.  For now enjoy the coming sunshine!