Service resumes!

So after quite a long break hoping to get back into regular updates on here, especially over the coming months where I will be on constant snow watch!  It’s unbelievable that we are now in autumn, in all honesty I am still waiting for summer to begin…..This year’s summer was a complete washout pretty much throughout the entire UK, apart from a few days it mostly involved rain, wet and downright miserable weather.  The jet stream has been a much bandied about word this year, but this really is why we have had such unsettled conditions – the position of the jet stream has been dragging low pressure across the UK and blocking high pressure from the continent.  A recent press article on the BBC News site acknowledged that this has been the weirdest year for weather –

Closer to home there were several more incidences of flooding in the borough after heavy/persistent rain, although less than there could have been, it was good to see workmen out clearing the drains and gulleys of leaves and debris, I am sure it made a difference to some households.  The council and Highways Agency seem to be more on the ball than they previously have with this kind of thing so hopefully this will continue and the flooding of houses will occur less.  I think it is getting to the stage now where for some people their hearts sink the minute a drop of rain falls.

Looking ahead, next week is looking dry and settled with warmer weather looking to dominate, before a blast of much cooler air hits by next weekend.  It will be quite a shock to the system to go from so warm to so cold, there is even talk of snow!!!! but confidence is quite low at the moment – a week is a very long time in the world of forecasting.  What is looking very likely as I said is for it to be very cold by next weekend, so now could be the time to get out the winter coats and the hats and gloves!