What shapes our weather?

Britain is an Island, and as such we are obviously surrounded by water, which massively influences our weather.

Northern Ireland, Wales and western areas are generally milder and wetter than other parts of the country, and are also generally windier. The weather in these parts of the Uk is mostly down to the influence of the Atlantic Ocean. In the east however, the weather is usually drier and colder than in the west, and here in the North East our weather is shaped by the continental polar air mass.  Generally speaking, the South East of England is thought to have the best summers of anywhere in the UK, while the North of Scotland  generally experience the colder weather.

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Welcome to South Tyne Weather

Around the globe, we Brits are often thought of in a stereotypical way, among other things, we all have bad teeth, we all know the Queen, we have a stiff upper lip, and of course, we are all obsessed with the weather.  Personally speaking, my teeth are fine, I’ve unfortunatly never had the pleasure of meeting HRH, but, I am obsessed with the weather.  What started off as sky watching and catching the regional weather forecast, has turned into me setting up my own weather station in the back garden for my own use, to setting up this website so others can keep up to date with local weather, and worldwide events.  Please feel free to send in any interesting weather/landscape related photos that may be used around the site.  We also welcome any updates on local weather, and this along with any photos can be sent to info@southtyneweather.co.uk

Some of the background facts and information (in weather explained) on this site have been taken from elsewhere, such as how tsunamis are generated, what causes earthquakes etc, but all thoughts on the weather and forecasts are my own