Things on the up!

Well, despite my best intentions this website has totally been left to its own devices lately.  A new laptop is being delivered in the coming week and the broadband, after 6 months of complaint, is finally being fixed tomorrow, so fingers crossed with reliable internet and a computer that isnt constantly overheating I should be able to keep this site much better updated. Even just the data from the weather station isn’t being uploaded properly as the laptop is crashing so much, so fingers crossed all problems will be resolved within the next week :)

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…….

Well the forecast snow certainly showed up!  Sunday saw the first flurries, although we didn’t really have any lying snow until Monday/Tuesday, when we had around 2-3cms.  After that we had a dry and very cold week, temperatures in NE32 fell as low as -6.6, before the snow made a huge return yesterday!  If you follow us on twitter you will have seen our predictions from as early as last Monday that South Tyneside would see heavy snow on Friday night, and we certainly did.  Around 6 inches fell yesterday, giving a lovely covering with snow that was just perfect for snowballs!  Ireland/Wales and the Mildlands were forecast significant amounts of snow from a front coming in from the west, and a lot of people thought as this was not going to reach as far as us then we would not be in for snow; this was not the case, as our snow all came in from the North Sea.   When the North Sea machine kicks off we tend to do really well snow wise, if the conditions are right the warm sea and the cold air make a great combination for us.  We tend to do less well from frontal snow, (coming from the west) as by the time it gets over the Pennines there isn’t a lot left for us at times!

This weeks forecast will be put up tomorrow on the website, and we will also be returning to photo of the day, so if you have any photos of snow/sun whatever feel free to send them in to

Little break!

Well as the kids are now on summer holidays I doubt I will get much of a chance to post on here, I will update as much as I can, and the weather station will still be uploading all data so do still check in!