Jet Stream!!!

Soooo, I’m guessing most people have heard of the jet stream, but aren’t entirely sure of what it does.  As mentioned previously on this site the jet stream that we mention is the one that sits over the Atlantic and beyond.  There are actually 4 jet streams around the globe, 2 in the northern hemisphere, and 2 in the south.  They flow east to west, and as has been shown recently they can stray from their more “usual” path.  The jet stream affecting us would normally at this time of year be sitting above the UK, dragging the low pressure systems above our shores and allowing high pressure (warmer and sunnier in summer) to build over us.  As the jet stream has been sat to the south of the UK the low pressure systems, bringing with them rain, and basically doom and gloom, have been dragged right across the UK, with many of these slow-moving systems dumping massive, massive amounts of rainfall, hence this ridiculously wet weather we have been having.  The jet stream moving north means England will experience much better weather as of next week, with temperatures climbing and rainfall dropping significantly.  The North West of Scotland however can expect cooler temperatures and wet weather as the jet will bring low pressure over the top of the country.

It isn’t just the UK that has been unduly affected so far this year by the jet stream, North America are currently experiencing a drought, and have had record-breaking temperatures over the past few weeks, as the position of the jet stream has allowed high pressure to build over many states, bringing severe storms with it and extremely high temperatures. Russia has experienced devastating effects from flooding after large parts inundated with rain, with many deaths reported and devastating loss of infrastructure.

Back to us, and southern England will bask in better weather to begin with as the jet shifts, fingers crossed we won’t be too far behind and summer will finally kick in just in time for the summer holidays.  Watch this space!!

Info taken from Paul Hudson @bbc

Welcome to South Tyne Weather

Around the globe, we Brits are often thought of in a stereotypical way, among other things, we all have bad teeth, we all know the Queen, we have a stiff upper lip, and of course, we are all obsessed with the weather.  Personally speaking, my teeth are fine, I’ve unfortunatly never had the pleasure of meeting HRH, but, I am obsessed with the weather.  What started off as sky watching and catching the regional weather forecast, has turned into me setting up my own weather station in the back garden for my own use, to setting up this website so others can keep up to date with local weather, and worldwide events.  Please feel free to send in any interesting weather/landscape related photos that may be used around the site.  We also welcome any updates on local weather, and this along with any photos can be sent to

Some of the background facts and information (in weather explained) on this site have been taken from elsewhere, such as how tsunamis are generated, what causes earthquakes etc, but all thoughts on the weather and forecasts are my own